Love & Blessings

I’ve been extremely busy this past week because of photoshoots and the weddingseason, which was pretty nice and happily I could take some time to enjoy the little fun moments in between as well. Really enjoyed the weather these past few days (including today, it’s beautiful!), R cooking gorgeous food and cuddling with Treesje. Because Treesje is always sleeping on the couch, even when I am busy and stressed, the sound of her snoring makes me relaxed and helps me to chill out ;)

Today i’ve visited a huge fleamarket with one of my best friends and these are my finds: a children’s book with supercute and funny illustrations, an old Lassie print, a beautiful old tin cookie jar to store my analog prints, retro eggcups, a Polaroid 1000 camera, an Olympus OM-1 camera and awesome sixties sunglasses! Love it!

Enjoy your sunday and take a look here for a little smile on your face :) xoxo


8 thoughts on “Love & Blessings

      • Hihi nog leuker ;) Goeie, ik wil echt nog een keer een echt FIJNE vlooienmarkt bezoeken, ik heb alleen nog maar suffe gezien :(

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