Love & Blessings

This week started off pretty nice, with the huge fleamarket and lots of drinks in Utrecht on Queensnight, relaxing on Queensday and doing a photoshoot with these two beautiful girls on tuesday. After tuesday it all got less fun cause i got the flu, from which i am still recovering.

Today i’ve decided i want to feel better and actually i do! We took Treesje for a bath (she hates it but its quite funny how she tries to hide behind me in the corner of the bathroom and probably thinks we don’t see her), and in a few hours we are going to cook ourselves some great dinner and then off to CarrĂ© theater to see Ryan Adams in concert! Yay!

Here’s one of my favorite songs by Ryan Adams, called Lucky Now.

Do you have some favorite artists you’d like to see perform live?


9 thoughts on “Love & Blessings

  1. Hahaa die kop van Treesje :D En leuk van Ryan Adams, hopelijk was het mooi! Maar dat zal vast wel :)

  2. veel plezier!! ik wil Veronica Maggio graag zien, want haar liedjes laten me altijd lachen, maar ze is / zingt in ‘t Zweeds en dus treedt ze (nog) niet in de buurt op. zelfde geldt voor Little Marbles… en beterschap ook! al denk ik dat zo’n fijne avond je vast opbeurt :)

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