Some little changes

There will be a few little changes on this blog.. First of all, I will write in Dutch from now on. This is because most of the people who read my blog are Dutch, and almost all of my photography clients are Dutch. For my international followers, don’t worry, often I will write a little English summary at the end of a blogpost and as you know me, I actually don’t write that much but post mostly images. ;)

Also, I am looking for some topics to write about. What would you like to see on this blog? Do you have any questions you’d like to see answered?


P.S. It’s my birthday! Having a huge party together with Treesje.


Love & Blessings

Some of the things that made me feel blessed this past week:
Working together with Jasper Lensselink photography, wearing my flipflops and new sixties sunglasses, photographing the beautiful wedding of an amazing couple (see a sneak preview here), loads of sunshine, delicious prosecco and wedding cakes, meeting some nice new people, enjoying a bbq with friends and spending some time with family and my love.

How have you enjoyed this beautiful sunny weekend?
P.S. this picture of Treesje is pretty random but so cute!

Cuuute | Evy & Lois

De mama van Evy en Lois heeft tijdje moeten wachten op de fotoshoot van haar twee meiden.. maar een paar weken terug was het dan eindelijk zo ver. Evy steelde de show en gaf haar zusje Lois heeel veel kusjes. Dat was fijn want Lois voelde zich niet zo lekker, en een kusje doet wonderen ;)

Deze kinderfotoshoot vond plaats in Ede (Gelderland), maar ik fotografeer op locatie door het hele land. Wil jij ook een fotoshoot van je kind(eren)? Neem dan een kijkje op mijn website of neem hier contact met mij op!

Love & Blessings

I’ve been extremely busy this past week because of photoshoots and the weddingseason, which was pretty nice and happily I could take some time to enjoy the little fun moments in between as well. Really enjoyed the weather these past few days (including today, it’s beautiful!), R cooking gorgeous food and cuddling with Treesje. Because Treesje is always sleeping on the couch, even when I am busy and stressed, the sound of her snoring makes me relaxed and helps me to chill out ;)

Today i’ve visited a huge fleamarket with one of my best friends and these are my finds: a children’s book with supercute and funny illustrations, an old Lassie print, a beautiful old tin cookie jar to store my analog prints, retro eggcups, a Polaroid 1000 camera, an Olympus OM-1 camera and awesome sixties sunglasses! Love it!

Enjoy your sunday and take a look here for a little smile on your face :) xoxo

Soo Little: Jasmine & Hedwig

How beautiful are these two little sisters?!
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i do!

Deze twee prachtige meisjes zijn de nichtjes van de schattige kindjes van de Oh my cupcake! shoot. Hedwig was pas een week oud en sliep de hele fotoshoot heerlijk door en Jasmijn was heel lief voor haar nieuwe zusje en ging zelfs nog een beetje voor de camera poseren. Lief zijn ze he?

Deze babyfotoshoot / kinderfotoshoot vond plaats in Renkum, maar ik fotografeer op locatie door het hele land. Wil jij ook een fotoshoot van je kind(eren)? Neem dan een kijkje op mijn website of neem hier contact met mij op!

Love & Blessings

What made me feel blessed this week: spending a whole day in IKEA and other furniture stores -ok this is not so much fun, but the end result is- with my love to buy a new bed. It took so much more time than we’ve expected, but finally ended up with a too expensive but such a soft and comfortable bed! Can’t wait for the delivery date.
Also, loved finishing up some photo DVD’s and sending them to my clients, enjoying breakfast in the sun together with my love and heart shaped buns and cuddling on the couch with my super cute doggy.
Today i am preparing for next week, cause it will be a busy one! Enjoy your sunday! xo