An introduction: Treesje

Some of you may know, i have a slight obsession of cute dogs, and especially bulldogs. So let’s introduce my English bulldog Treesje. She is extremely lazy and stubborn, but in-cre-di-bly cute! We adopted her 1,5 years ago, and she turns 9 this summer. I think i will even throw her a birthday party this year.. (or is that a little pathetic? ha ha)

– She sleeps about 23h of the day. Her favorite spot is the couch, but in the summer she likes to lay on the cold floor as well.

– She HATES walking. I didn’t know a dog could hate it so much to go outside. Every time we try to go for a walk she resists so bad that her face gets even more wrinkly.

– She farts. A lot. It’s terrible.

– She makes noise with everything she does which creates some awkward moments, especially in a silent elevator with other people.

– She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.

Do you have a slight obsession? And don’t you just agree that Treesje is a-do-ra-ble?


14 thoughts on “An introduction: Treesje

  1. She is incredibly cute! And I would trade a lazy dog for a hyper one any day. Your embarrassing elevator story brought back memories. I was once walking my terrier (hyper) down a busy street. We stopped at an intersection to wait for the lights. There was a tugging on the leash and when I looked down I was shocked to see my overly-excited pup firmly latched onto the leg of an elderly gent! One of the few times in my life where I had no idea what to say. So yes, lazy dogs any day!

    • yay i see some birthday-themed photos already! :) glad i’m not the only one ;)

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