Love & Blessings

Yay, it’s weekend! This week i’ve finished the Oh my cupcake! shoot and I’m really happy with the end result. I’ve also spend some time with my brother this week and together we visited our 89- year old grandmother in the elderly home.

It was fun spending time with her and she was so happy we came by. One of the nurses told me that they all thought my grandmother is such a sweet and loving person and i totally agree. On the moments I visit her, I feel blessed the most, by giving some of my time to someone who appreciates it so much. I am now trying to visit her once a week.


8 thoughts on “Love & Blessings

  1. ahh ik zou willen dat ik dichterbij mijn opa en oma woonde en er elke week makkelijk langskon! koesteren hoor :) oma’s zijn leuk en hebben 1000 bijzondere verhalen over vroeger.

    • ja het schiet er zo snel bij in, maar heb me nu echt voorgenomen om vaak bij haar langs te gaan. ze is ook echt zo lief..

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