Love & Blessings

This week i’ve been shooting these two gorgeous little girls, and there’s another shoot of two other sweet sisters coming up this week!
Some other little things that made me happy this week: a few beautiful little finds for my home, like a glass ring holder and some beautiful English teacups i’ve found in a thrift store, which fit the style of my soft pink kitchen perfectly.

What made you happy this week?
Happy sunday, and for the dutchies: happy Queensnight/day tonight and tomorrow! :)


An introduction: Treesje

Some of you may know, i have a slight obsession of cute dogs, and especially bulldogs. So let’s introduce my English bulldog Treesje. She is extremely lazy and stubborn, but in-cre-di-bly cute! We adopted her 1,5 years ago, and she turns 9 this summer. I think i will even throw her a birthday party this year.. (or is that a little pathetic? ha ha)

– She sleeps about 23h of the day. Her favorite spot is the couch, but in the summer she likes to lay on the cold floor as well.

– She HATES walking. I didn’t know a dog could hate it so much to go outside. Every time we try to go for a walk she resists so bad that her face gets even more wrinkly.

– She farts. A lot. It’s terrible.

– She makes noise with everything she does which creates some awkward moments, especially in a silent elevator with other people.

– She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.

Do you have a slight obsession? And don’t you just agree that Treesje is a-do-ra-ble?

Couple shoot A & J

Last week we did a couple shoot on the beach. This couple won this photoshoot through a facebook competition for Valentines day back in February. Styling was done by Janneke Rodenburg, and photography done by me. We had this whole idea about making a romantic shoot with sky lanterns, but at the beach it was soo windy, the lanterns broke within minutes so we had to figure out something else.
Anyways, it was a fun shoot, hope you enjoy the pics!

Afgelopen week deden we de fotoshoot op het strand van Hoek van Holland met het stelletje dat de coupleshoot met de Valentijns actie had gewonnen op facebook. Samen met Janneke had ik een heel mooi, romantisch concept bedacht met wensballonnen, alleen op het strand waaide het zo ontzettend hard dat de wensballonnen zo goed als meteen kapot gingen en we dus wat anders moesten bedenken.. Alsnog was het een hele leuke shoot, en improvisatie kan soms juist best leuk zijn ;)

Love & blessings

This week has been so cold! Despite of the not-so-springy weather i’ve enjoyed myself this week. I’ve started off with a fun couple shoot on the beach (see a little sneak peek on facebook) with a very strong wind, but some beautiful clouds as well.

I feel blessed because of many clients booking weddings and/or photoshoots for this summer, my love who discovered to cook like Jamie Oliver (haha yes, VERY blessed!), and the lovely people in my life who just make me happy every day.

Happy sunday! xoxo

Getting inspired

As a photographer or anyone working in the creative industries, inspiration is essential. Inspiration can come in many forms, like beautiful music, nature or just something great somebody said one time. I often get inspired by looking at other pictures, so I spend hours a week on the internet just looking at pictures.

Already for quite a while I have a profile on Pinterest, where I create many different boards and pin all beautiful and inspirational images for upcoming shoots. This is pretty much fun, although i print most of those images and put them in my ‘inspiration book’. This is a scrapbook with images found on the internet or in magazines that inspire me and giving me some ideas i would like to develop later.

Yesterday i did a love shoot at the beach, with a great stylist and a cute couple. These were the pictures i’ve used for inspiration:

And here’s a little preview of the pictures i took:

Where do you find inspiration?
And do you have certain ways to keep yourself inspired?

Love & Blessings

Yay, it’s weekend! This week i’ve finished the Oh my cupcake! shoot and I’m really happy with the end result. I’ve also spend some time with my brother this week and together we visited our 89- year old grandmother in the elderly home.

It was fun spending time with her and she was so happy we came by. One of the nurses told me that they all thought my grandmother is such a sweet and loving person and i totally agree. On the moments I visit her, I feel blessed the most, by giving some of my time to someone who appreciates it so much. I am now trying to visit her once a week.